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Vinise Capers


Best Selling Author, Certified Personal and Professional Transformation Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mom

Whether you are ready to embark upon your greatest journey of personal growth, or you are seeking to reignite the passion and tenacity of your professional team...

You are in the right place at the right time. ​ 

Partnering for empowerment, connection and growth is a privilege. Oftentimes, our inability to connect, overcome objectives, and think expansively, prevents both individuals and teams from achieving greatness. Taking ourselves to the next level requires real investment. 

That's where I come in! 


VC's Pearls of Wisdom...

Good day!

It has been presented to me that all that I am, my gifts my talents, and my attributes are not for me. However, they were instruments placed in me to make music unto my sisters. They were tools given to me to serve YOU with. All that you have and been given has been entrusted in you to SHARE with someone else. And because I love being apart of this beautiful bouquet of sisters, I share with you the challenge to share your goodness, blessings, and gifts with another sister today.  It will be returned to you in more ways than you can calculate. 

Loved you are.


Vinise Capers


Start Your Journey

"The road to greatness is paved by the footprints of those who dared to tread upon it unpaved. And still, the travelers are few and far between.  Accept the challenge of getting the best of you out of the rest of you!" - ​Vinise Capers

Community & Team 
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Perfect for large or small groups, corporate or nonprofit teams, the Community Coaching session helps to move everyone towards a common objective. It's easy for projects or goals to hit snags when so many personalities and struggles are entering the space. All you need is quality support and care. 


This is the perfect opportunity to network, collaborate, and engage with other women striving to be champions.


Presentations include, but are not limited to:


  • Customer Service: The Heartbeat to Business

  • Leadership Development

  • Organizational Management

  • Team Building

  • Partnering with the Vision


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Vinise gave tangible steps on how to get through some of the toughest times in life. The words that she gave were not only uplifting but understanding towards how we were feeling. The way that she tapped into issues that affect us and hinder us was amazing she not only listened but gave great advice as well. I love the way that she genuinely has a caring spirit that wants to help make your life better.


Vinise Capers the visionary of Empowered for Elevation is such and amazing and powerful motivational speaker . Her Dept of Wisdom, Knowledge, Experience and insight brings another level to anyone that is truly seeking motivation and Empowerment . Her gift doesn’t just come with any speaker or Coach so trust me if you are in need of a Coach or Speaker ....Look No further!!

Kelly A. Arrington-MHA,CPLC, MPM 
Owner of A Purpose for Living

I Want My Pink Back (2).png

Vinise Capers is an amazing life empowerment coach. She is understanding and on point. There is a weight lifted when you work with her that sometimes you didn't know was there. I am grateful to have her be the beacon of empowerment for me during those times where self-doubt and past pains showed up.

Lena Anderson

Owner of I Want My Pink Back

From My Heart

To Yours...

Get your copy of my Best Seller: “Coming Out of The Darkness!” 

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"Coming out of the Darkness is a book for healing, inspiration, and triumph. I recommend this book to anyone that may be struggling and can't see an end in sight." - M Pinson


Let’s Partner Towards Empowerment

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