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Builders Beware !

I'd imagine that there may be inquisitions- although silently - posed regarding the cautionary heading preceding this commentary. Likened to the warning "Buyers Beware" when one is warned to remain alert during a purchase. It is equally necessary to pose the same warning to those who are destined to BUILD!

Fret not beloved I have every intention on clarifying my motives for such a warning. (smiles)

Allow me to suggest, as humbly as I might, that each of us has been granted the very dutiful task likened to that of a builder; to construct something beautiful and strong; destiny. As most might, we often pose total responsibility onto God as we understand Him to do precisely what He has empowered us to do; Build!

Yes, you beloved have been designated as the BUILDER of your very own destiny.

Ohhh, I expect a rebuttal and a very valid one regarding how so many of us have been dealt hands that even professional dealers aren't qualified to play. However, I offer this reminder that the mindset which was cultivated during the unfavorable surprises in your life didn't surprise the giver of your life. NOPE! He knew, He knows , He cares and He provides. And He is extremely capable of empowering you to use all of your experiences as material to Build the destiny you desire and deserve. (wink,wink)

Just as any Builder requires tools, here are some intangible ones which might support the Builder in you!

  1. Beloved you are being cautioned not to draw conclusions leading you back to playing the hand you perceive you were unfairly dealt.

  2. You are being cautioned not to choose the very unstable foundations upon which you dreaded standing upon, for as a builder that which you intend to build is in danger of corrosion and collapse

  3. You are being cautioned to not ignore the power of introspection, as it all begins and ends with you

  4. You are being cautioned to avoid the role of a victim, it will stagnate your progress.

  5. You are being cautioned not to ignore the usefulness of your experiences and the resilience which was developed by each of them. (good and bad alike)

  6. You are being cautioned to never reject support. For as a builder, despite your level of talent, passion and/or zeal, one must be readily aware and accepting of the need to solicit HELP! The collaboration amongst builders has proven to increase production. "...enlarge my territory"

Therefore, being positioned amongst other available & quality builders is essential for your development.

Book your Consult Today & Become the Builder you're destined to be!

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