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Ready or Not....!

Allow me to share my take -a-ways from one of my favorite child hood Games; Hide and Seek!

This game I used to play would include the bellowed phrase... "Ready or not HERE... I...COME!" Roles of the Hider & Seeker were eloquently selected via the process of eenie menie miney mo. (Excuse me as I giggle from the memories)For those of who you who've never been privy to play; lemme 'xplain!

The "Seeker" gave "Hider" opportunity to find the most obscure places to hide.

So...The Seeker, -in an effort to give each participant enough time-with eyes shut (presumably) counted to an agreed upon number before moving into action in search of the hidden. The alert that came forth to advise the "Hiders" that time has just run out, was the bellowing of "READY OR NOT HERE I COOOOOOOME!"

The time for preparation.... was up!

The time for finding the perfect hiding place... was up!

The time for determining your strategy of escape should your cover have been blown...was up!

You see, "Ready"... indicates there was in fact time to prepare, strategize and get in the best position available to you and for you.

Keep in mind, this effort was made amongst those seeking the same within the boundaries agreed upon , possessing the same urgency and intensity as yourself. The pressure is ON; To get in place and to be the last one standing, if you will.

Although the stage and age for the game of Hide and Seek has long since escaped many of us- notice I didn't say ALL- the lessons the game avails are limitless. Who knew a simple game was providing significant life lessons to those willing to avail themselves to such... to both the Hider and the Seeker. Again join me as I highlight the ones that were deemed most profound and purposeful, for me.


  1. One would benefit to never underestimate the power of preparation.

  2. Boundaries are necessary to solidify expectations and support preparation.

  3. Time spent on anything besides the above mentioned leaves you vulnerable, exposed and ultimately "tagged" out of the "game" far more prematurely than necessary.

  4. The absence of preparation leaves us motivated by desperation & desperation leads to recklessness. NO strategy = NO clarity = NO victory

  5. Whether the experience is rooted in pleasure or pain; it-make (it) personal- comes for us all. The way it manifests may be unique but we are all confronted by it nonetheless.

  6. There is a purpose assigned to your very existence and it will be realized whether it be faced by resistance or readily embraced...the choice belongs to you.

  7. Each of us get a turn being the Hider & the Seeker. Each role comes with responsibility, accountability and opportunity to show forth integrity. So, no matter which role you favor the most, bring your A game!.

  8. Always note that it is never JUST a game. But a lesson for the learner, and a platform for the professor in YOU!

Go Forth Empowered Beauties & Beaus knowing that you have been favored to be or become a life- learner should you so choose to avail yourself to relentless opportunity that awaits you. And please don't ever forget to remain postured to be Empowered 4 Elevation!

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Aug 20, 2021

Beautiful writing and metaphors to help us all understand how important preparation is to everyday life and is a springboard to other higher levels of knowledge and understanding!!!

vinise capers
vinise capers
Oct 12, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so very much. I am thankful that my efforts proved to be effective. I look forward to you visiting again. Have a wonderful day.


Aug 18, 2021

READY OR better be ready because everything you do in the dark would be exposed in the light. GOD let's us know that he gives us the opportunity to ask for forgiveness. If you are ashamed of your past (hidden) the enemy (inner me) will keep you in bondage and will have the opportunity to expose you. HERE I COME...

vinise capers
vinise capers
Oct 12, 2021
Replying to

Thank you beautiful. You better believe the world better get ready for you and all of the greatness you have in store. 🤗

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