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Beloveds, may I introduce to a powerfully empowering process/tool to add to you portfolio for success; Self Reflection. It has definitely been pivotal in my life. The most valuable impact it has had for me and those with whom I ​work is, it has shifted the trajectory of otherwise stagnated relationships; with both oneself and others. I find that many people need support in approaching and maintaining their position there as most are groomed to consider the external factors leading to their inconvenience, discomfort and even greater; pain. This may be due to the perception of it entailing the same level of blame or the absence of grace we tend to extend to others.

But if can I do nothing else​, please let me share what you can undoubtedly look forward to; if you're invested that is; and that is significant revelation of self which will be the catalyst to transformation. Transformation in every area of your life as you begin to implement the adjustments and adaptations you need to and most importantly willing to make.

Furthermore, let me support you in recognizing that the only "credentials" you need to set yourself up for the greatest relationships you've always desired to encounter- beginning with oneself of course- is:

Objectivity - which is learning how to acknowledge what took place and not draw conclusions from what was intended. Our experiences ultimatley cultivate our our perspective therefore its imperative to learn to view it as objectively as possible. This will support and enhance our growth significantly.

Honesty - This is a dire component should you desire an effective journey, one you are desiring and deserving of. Objectivity will support this component of the process.

Consistency - When you feel the impact of the challenge, for a challenge it will be as you uncover and discover the hidden jewels and expose the lingering "junk"- DON'T GIVE UP.

Although tempted you will be, don't return to that convenient and familiar space. That space that caused you to reject the mirror in the first place; beyond straightening your tie, or adjusting your skirt. Instead, practice standing before the internal mirror that will grasp your reflection in its entirety. That mirror that isn't biased to your fabulousness but dares to offer a clear depiction of your flaws as well. For this mirror is full body length and a trick mirror it is not and from it you will glean what it is you shall treasure and what you should trash.

Boldly determine the assets from the liabilities within your possession. Being certain that your primary influence is your objectivity & honesty regarding how it plays a role in you fulfilling your purpose or fueling your pain. Do this consistently and the YOU that will emerge will be the YOU you may have been holding others responsible for not being able to thrive! Oh! But now, now that you've gotten a gander at the beauty on the other side of the lens, there will be no turning back. Of this I am confident!

I believe in you and I believe in the harvest you will reap from the efforts you will commit to making from this day forward!

Let' practice..."MIRROR, MIRROR deep within me, reveal to me the depth of my beauty"

Now beloved, you will surely be embarking upon the least traveled road of being

Empowered 4 Elevation.


Your Transformation Coach


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